eWallet 8.6

Store your personal details and sync them across multiple devices
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Keep your sensitive data like credit cards, passwords, and accounts information in one place. Sync the data across multiple devices. Generate passwords and customize its parameters like specifying the passkey’s length, choosing to include lower or upper case letters, digits, and particular symbols.

eWallet is here to help us with the storage of all personal, cards and accounts information. It can store a variety of information ranging from financial, like credit cards and passwords, to personal information like health and travel, so we can call it a Swiss Wallet. We can also synchronize Windows Mobile devices, iPhone, Blackberry or any other PC on the network with any computer and update information on the fly, so no more waiting. In the first use itself, eWallet asks us to set a password so that no other person can access our personal data thus ensuring privacy and security. It is very easy to enter the details of a new card, as it provides us predefined templates. We only have to select the card type from the predefined templates and then type in the specific details for it.
We can use all the data stored on eWallet as and when required in different applications by simply clicking on the mouse and pasting the information. Thus it also prevents the misuse of any typed and copied information captured through key loggers or from the clipboard thus ensuring our data is secure at all times. It provides us with a comprehensive and well defined layout allowing us to easily categorize different cards and information. We also have some enhanced customizable security, like we can set eWallet to lock the wallet after a certain time of inactivity or set the maximum number of password attempts allowed etc. It also allows us to create backups of our wallet to prevent loss of stored data in case of a system crash. So, eWallet is a must have utility for anyone who needs to maintain information with privacy and security guaranteed.

Manoj Goel
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Review summary


  • Stores personal and financial information
  • Easy synchronization on the fly
  • Enhanced security features with 256 bit AES encryption
  • Use stored data in other applications without compromising security


  • No proper division of financial and personal data
  • User interface lacks interaction and ease of use
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